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Breast Lift in NYC

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With a good breast lift, NYC women can look and feel younger even after gravity has taken a serious toll on their bodies. You may have started to notice that your breasts aren't as high and firm as they used to be, and are considering a breast lift. In New York City and across Long Island, surgeons are not all the same; therefore, if you want to turn back the clock and have a positive experience with your cosmetic procedure, you need to be discerning.

To find out if a breast lift can give you the improvements you want, request a consultation with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Thomas Sterry to find out more or call (212) 249-4020.

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before breast lift in New York City
best breast lift doctor in New York City
Before After

This is a 39 year old woman with two children who wanted a mommy makeover.  We decided to perform a breast lift surgery along with a tummy tuck and liposuction of her flanks all at the same time.  She did very well postoperatively and is now able to go out without a bra and wear many fa...

Breast Lift without implants
breast lift without implants
Before After

This is a 50 year old woman who wanted her mommy makeover to include a breast lift without breast implants.  Of course, a tummy tuck and some liposuction was also performed, but those procedures are not featured here. She was told that she would need a breast implant in order to achieve a f...

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Is gravity taking its toll on your breasts?
Look younger with a breast lift.

There are many reasons why you might be considering a breast lift. Women whose breasts have started to sag after pregnancy, or who have lost so much weight that their breasts have started to droop can choose this surgery to restore their natural look. Or maybe it's simply that age and gravity have taken their toll. These are all good reasons to look and feel better with a breast lift. Manhattan patients have been trusting Dr. Sterry to take care of their cosmetic needs for many years.

Achieve the Younger Look You Desire With a Breast Lift

Dr. Sterry's breast lift procedure helps women reclaim youthful looking breasts after pregnancy, weight loss, or simply the effects age.

Breast lifts, otherwise known as "mastopexy", can help provide a more uplifted and youthful shape.

The photos below show an actual patient who had breast lift surgery and a tummy tuck with Dr. Sterry.

You may be a good candidate for a breast lift. New York women with these breast issues should consider a breast lift surgery:

Breasts of any size can be lifted, but the results are longer lasting for women with smaller and lighter breasts. Women with larger breasts may have better results with a breast reduction

There are several breast lift techniques, which Dr. Sterry will consider as he evaluates you for surgery, including the wise pattern, the "lollipop" pattern, the periareolar technique and the crescent technique. Dr. Sterry may also use liposuction in some cases to improve the contour on the sides of the breasts.

At your consultation with Dr. Sterry, he will determine if you are an appropriate candidate and you will learn about the breast lift costs.

Photo Gallery

Pictures say it best. Visit Dr. Sterry's patient photo gallery and see the natural-looking improvements he's made for his patients.

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Dr. Thomas P. Sterry

Breast Lift FAQ

What is a breast lift?

A breast lift is cosmetic plastic surgery to raise the breasts and create a fuller, more youthful appearance. This procedure can rejuvenate your figure by restoring the breast shape that is often lost over time. In medical terms, a breast lift corrects ptosis, or sagging.

A breast lift procedure repositions the nipples and reduces the size of the areola, or the pigmented area that surrounds the raised nipple. Occasionally, breast implants may be needed if you have lost breast volume due to extensive weight loss or after pregnancy.

Does a breast lift reduce the volume of breast tissue?

No. Patients who come in for a breast lift consultation always ask, ‘You're not going to take anything away from me, right?’ A breast lift does just what the name implies—it simply lifts your breasts to a higher position.

Will a woman's bra size change after a breast lift?

No. With a breast lift, we don't want to take any volume away. And we're certainly not adding any, unless you opt for implants. What a breast lift does is take away skin and remodel the breast tissue itself to have a nicer presentation.

Could implants alone get the same results as a breast lift?

Sometimes, breast implants alone can give a wonderful result if it's a modest case of sagging—particularly in women who have given birth. There's a condition called pseudo-ptosis, where the nipples are still above the inframammary crease below the breast, but the breasts appear droopy because the upper part of the breast is somewhat flattened.

Women with pseudo-ptosis might think they need a breast lift, but they don't actually need all the scars associated with that procedure. If we just put implants in, it will have the effect of lifting the nipple and volumizing the breast. And the woman's breasts will look much more like they did before having children.

For a woman with grade 1 or even grade 2 ptosis, where the nipple is at or slightly below the breast crease, implants can sometimes help. It's all a matter of how big you want your breasts to be. The more lift you want, the larger the implant needs to be—and I don't like to make women's breasts look unnaturally large.

Can you restore breast fullness above the nipple?

Yes, but that requires implants. When I do a breast lift, I try to make it clear that I can get fullness behind the nipple. Sometimes women need a breast lift because their nipples are facing downward—or even straight at the floor. I can give you a nice lift with fullness behind the nipple. But above the level of the nipple, the breasts really not going to be full unless I put an implant in.

At the time of a breast lift, the breasts may look very full post-operatively for a few weeks. But eventually, gravity always wins—they're going to get pulled down a bit. The breasts will still look very tasteful and very natural, but they're not going to have the same presentation as implants will. If you want fullness above the nipple, you need implants.

Will insurance pay for a breast lift?

No. Sometimes, an insurance company will cover a breast reduction, which removes excess breast volume. Before an insurance company will cover any plastic surgery procedure, you need to prove that it is medically necessary.

Which breast lift surgery technique do you prefer?

The techniques I use most often are the lollipop incision and the Wise pattern; it's a matter of tailoring the procedure to the patient.

Does a breast lift involve reducing the size of the areola?

In most cases, yes. But there are some women getting a breast lift who really don't need the size of the areola reduced.

Can a woman still breastfeed after a breast lift?

Yes. Since a breast lift takes away only skin, as opposed to glandular breast tissue, the volume of milk a woman produces after having the procedure shouldn't be any different. It's still a good idea to monitor your baby to be sure he or she is getting enough milk from the breast—and, if necessary, supplement with formula.

When is a good time to have breast lift surgery?

In most cases, I advise women to wait until they're done having children before having a breast lift. Why? The effects of pregnancy can cause the breasts to sag—which could undo the results of a breast lift to some degree.

Does breast lift surgery require a hospital stay?

Breast lift surgery alone does not usually require a hospital stay. Your procedure may be performed in a hospital, an outpatient surgery center or an office-based surgical suite.

However, if you have a breast lift as part of an upper body lift, you can expect to spend one night in the hospital.

How long does breast lift surgery take?

Breast lift surgery takes 1-2 hours.

What kind of anesthesia is used for breast lift surgery?

Breast lift surgery is performed under general anesthesia; you will be asleep during the entire procedure.

What should you expect immediately after a breast lift?

When you wake up after the procedure, you will be wearing a surgical bra. You could have surgical drains in place, which will be removed the next morning. Although you will experience some soreness, most breast lift patients do not complain much about pain.

You'll be taken to a recovery area where you'll be closely monitored for a few hours before going home.

How long does it take to recover after breast lift surgery?

Most patients recover from breast lift surgery in a few days or a weekend. You'll have some soreness, but nothing major.

Two days after breast lift surgery, you will be able to shower, and you can return to work as long as it does not involve a great deal of manual labor.

What results can you expect from breast lift surgery?

Your breasts will look more youthful and uplifted and will feel firmer after breast lift surgery. The position of your nipples and areolae will be higher and your areolae will be more attractively proportioned.

Although breast lift surgery leaves permanent scars, your incision lines will fade over time and the scars will be easily concealed under clothing—even under most swimsuits and low-cut tops.

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