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Breast Lift

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  • Breast Lift

Breast Lift

This 43-year-old woman complained that her breasts were slightly too large and had fallen significantly since her 20s. She was interested in a breast lift operation in New York City but was concerned and didn't want to have scars on her breasts.

This is a difficult problem in the world of plastic surgery. Making breasts larger can be done with relative ease and a small incision. Making breasts smaller and perkier is a little more complicated and requires a little more work and skill.

In this case we decided to go ahead with a "lollipop" breast lift technique. Using this option, we are able to avoid the long incision that runs under the breast as in the classic Wise pattern (anchor scar) breast lift operation that is ingrained in the plastic surgery world. I actually like this operation better than the Wise pattern, not just because there is less scarring, but also because I believe the breasts are fuller and have more volume at the level of the nipple than the Wise pattern can yield.

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Lollipop breast lift


About 2 weeks of soreness

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