Our Staff

Every member of Dr. Sterry’s staff is dedicated to making you feel welcome, answering your questions and giving you the personal care you deserve.

Alex, Patient Coordinator and Office Manager

Alex (short for “Alexandra”) may be the first person you’ll talk to when you call Dr. Sterry’s office. She’s always ready to answer your questions and help you schedule an appointment.

When you visit our office, Alex will make you feel at home. She also works with Dr. Sterry to help you decide on the procedures that are right for you.

If you’re considering cosmetic surgery, Alex will be happy to help you with payment arrangements. “I can usually get the financing company’s decision by the time you complete your consultation with Dr. Sterry,” she says.

To help you prepare for surgery, Alex will give you a personalized guidebook with detailed advice from Dr. Sterry on pre- and post-operative care.

Alex speaks fluent Spanish and serves as an interpreter for patients more comfortable with Spanish than English.

As a certified medical assistant, Alex will make sure you get the lab tests you need before surgery.

Many times, patients confide in Alex as they adjust to the changes in their lives after surgery. “One woman couldn’t believe she got a bouquet of flowers for Valentine’s Day from a secret admirer,” Alex recalls. “Now she’s dating him and they’re having fun!”

Dominique, Medical Assistant

Dominique, or “Dom” assists Dr. Sterry in many aspects of patient care and intends to make her career in healthcare. “I like taking care of people,” she says.

Meaghan, Registered Nurse

Meaghan is the newest member of our team and runs the operating room, but also helps out with patients throughout their entire surgical experience with the office.  Meaghan also has experience in the hospital setting and the Emergency Room.  There is nothing she cannot handle.