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Patient Testimonials

Dr. Sterry is compassionate, knowledgeable, dedicated and very well informed on the treatment of bariatric post ops. He understands where post ops come from and the frustration of living in bodies that have become even more uncomfortable. I am just starting this process, but would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Sterry.*

‘I could not have asked for a better surgeon’

"Dr. Sterry is amazing. He performed a lower body lift on Nov. 14, 2005 and I am thrilled with the result. He will be doing a breast/arm lift on Feb. 3. I interviewed several of the top plastic surgeons in New York City when I decided to begin my plastics and there was NO comparison when it came to Dr. Sterry.

"He has the most beautiful and most discrete scars, the most bariatric expertise, and strives to always improve on his procedures. I have even been told by other doctors and nurses that his work on my lower body lift was the best they had ever seen when I showed them my scar.

"His bedside manner is impeccable and he is available if you call with any trouble—even late at night or on Saturday mornings! (Sorry about that, Dr. S!) I would encourage anyone to meet with him if they are considering plastics. I could not have asked for a better surgeon."*

—Beth T.

‘He made my body beautiful!’

"Michelangelo. That's all I have to say. There is nothing I can add to describe his skill. Dr. Sterry is perfection! I had a tummy tuck and a breast reduction in one operation. When I opened the binders after the operation, I could hardly believe my eyes.

"He made my body BEAUTIFUL! Please understand my meaning. He took a disaster and made a masterpiece. His bedside manner is warm and friendly. He is ALWAYS available. Please ask Dr. Sterry to show you my before and after pictures. You will not believe."*

—Linda C.

‘I knew he would take care of me, not only in surgery but beyond’

"I've had the pleasure of not only having a great consultation with Dr. Sterry, but he also performed my tummy tuck with muscle tightening/strengthening on July 20, 2005. Dr. Sterry is first and foremost professional, integrity-driven, experience, caring and more than anything else, understanding.

"When I first viewed his web site via, I thought, of course he's going to ‘want’ to appeal to our population. My goodness, was I ever WRONG! Okay, yes, as his web site states, he has years of experience dealing with past obese patients. He understands our bodies and the dynamic changes that we've pushed them to with years of yo-yo dieting and exercise. He understands that since we've taken the major step to gain control of our lives that taking a step as big as plastic surgery is very important to us and not something that we would leave up to chance.

"If you are in the process of researching a plastic surgeon and live in the New York City area, consider Dr. Thomas Sterry. It's a decision you'll never regret.

"During my consultation, I knew that he would take care of me, not only in surgery but beyond. This definitely came into play on Thursday night at about 10:55. I was writhing around in pain. I contact his service and immediately after hanging up, my phone rang. Trust me, it was immediate; when you are experiencing that kind of pain, time is slower than normal. He didn't wait another second.

"Upon hearing my voice, Dr. Sterry knew I was in distress. He asked what I was experiencing. He never tried to make it less or make it something else. I explained to him what I was feeling, how I was feeling and what my body was doing. He then instructed me to remove the binder, take two Vicodin and two Motrin.

"Before I was able to get it out, he said, ‘I know that Motrin is against your weight loss doctor's medications, but these two won't cause any harm and it will assist with your chief complaint—pain.’

"Boy, was he right! I was asleep within the next 20 minutes. This was very important to me and although I couldn't envision this during our consultation, I'm thankful that I was able to meet a person with integrity.

"Well, the pain and muscle spasms have since passed and as of yesterday, I had my right drain removed. My stomach looks incredible! Actually beyond my expectations! If you can't imagine that, then you know that this is the man you need to meet."*

—Marcy L

‘I actually have a shape now!’

"Dr. Sterry was great! He completed a lower body lift on me and took 47 pounds off. Apparently it was a record. If I had any problems and called in, I received a call back almost immediately. He even agreed to meet with me on a Saturday when I wasn't feeling well.

"When I wasn't feeling right, he took every precaution with me and wouldn't let me leave until we had answers. My results are amazing and I am very happy with his work. I actually have a shape now! It is great!"*

—Jennifer C

‘My abdomen looks like I never had an incisional hernia!’

"Despite my wish to keep my weight loss surgery confidential, Drs. Sterry and Pomp have helped me so much that I felt compelled to laud their virtues on this web site. In his profile on, Dr. Sterry mentions he also works with patients who, in rare circumstances, have wound complications.

"To say that I had a wound complication is an understatement. I developed a massive wound infection after suffering an incarcerated small bowel hernia several years post weight loss surgery. I was left with a truly awful deformity that made even Dr. Sterry gasp a little, despite having been warned by Dr. Pomp.

"I had been through a very long and difficult medical ordeal, I was quite ill and spent a long time in the hospital. Although Dr. Sterry did not know me at that time, he was so solicitous and caring—he felt such empathy toward me, having learned what I went through. And he continues to make my trips to the operating room as comfortable and hassle-free as possible.

"Dr. Pomp was there through my illness, so I expected him to take extra-special care of me, but I did not expect to have a surgeon who had never met me before display the same caring and protectiveness of me. The surgery Dr. Sterry performed on me was not only difficult from a cosmetic standpoint, but because of numerous previous surgeries and complications, it was very difficult to execute from a surgical perspective.

"I knew he gave it a lot of thought. He consulted with other surgeons as well as with Dr. Pomp and he did an EXTRAORDINARY job! I look great, my abdomen looks like I never had an incisional hernia! While I feel some plastic/reconstructive surgeons have become more like aestheticians and less like physicians, Dr. Sterry is first and foremost a doctor. I had a very serious allergic reaction that complicated my surgery and he handled it like a champ.

"My two subsequent surgeries went without a hitch and although I would think I would be crazy to go back into the OR, I am thinking of having him revise a previous cosmetic procedure.

"Anyone who is considering Dr. Sterry as their surgeon has made the right choice and if they are interested in viewing his work, feel free to ask him to show you my photos. I have given him carte blanche to show of his fabulous handiwork. Talent like that should be shared!"*

—Mrs. G

‘He makes every patient feel as if they are his primary patient’

"Dr. Sterry is an expert in his field as a technician and as a source of support, both pre- and post-op. His dedication to the well-being of his patients is not limited to his office hours. He makes himself available at all times, and makes every patient feel as if they are his primary patient.

"He is on the cutting edge of technology and technique, and is not afraid of discussion all options, both pro and con. He understands patients' concerns and takes the time to educate both patients and their families to assure an intelligent and successful operative decision."*

—Sarah L

‘Would highly recommend!’

"Dr. Sterry was recommended by my WLS surgeon and I never had to look elsewhere. He is an amazing surgeon with the best bedside manner—a most necessary combination. Dr. Sterry is very realistic in explaining anticipated results and is well-versed in the post-op bariatric patient. Definitely a difference between reconstructive surgeons and cosmetic ones. Would highly recommend!"*

—Lisa L

‘Very well-informed on the treatment of bariatric post-ops’

"Dr. Sterry is compassionate, knowledgeable, dedicated and very well-informed on the treatment of bariatric post-ops. He understands where post-ops come from and the frustration of living in bodies that have become even more uncomfortable. I am just starting this process, but would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Sterry.

"Update, April 28, 2004. I just had my first surgery with Dr. Sterry and his treatment of me was beyond my expectations. I had some issues develop during recovery, but he handled them and helped me through. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Sterry to anyone looking for a plastic surgeon."*

—Heather M

*Keep in mind that each patient is unique; your results may vary.

Patient Testimonials


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