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Men and women who want natural-looking results from their cosmetic procedures in NYC and surrounding areas benefit from learning about other patients’ experiences. Read plastic surgeon Dr. Thomas P. Sterry’s real patient reviews to learn more about the dedicated care and surgical results he offers his patients.  

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Consultation review: Scheduled for surgery in June I was so nervous to go in for my consultation. Dr. Sterry and his staff (Shivanie and Alex) are amazing. Dr. Sterry was very detailed in the consultation. Once I left the office, my husband and I were discussing the consultation and were left with more questions. I reached out to the staff and we set up another consultation (Virtual). During my initial in person consultation we agreed on neck, chin and check liposuction. After our Virtual consultation, Dr Sterry stated that it would be best if we do a mini neck lift and liposuction. Of course I am scared to go a more invasive procedure, but I trust Dr Sterry to give me the results I really want. I defined jaw line and no more double chin!!! I am scheduled for surgery in June. Will continue to update my journey.

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I am a mother of four who worked as a pediatric physical therapist throughout all of my pregnancies. This took a physical toll on my body, and I developed a SEVERE diastasis recti and hernia. As someone who is well versed in the musculoskeletal system, I can assure you there was no amount of exercise/conditioning that would have prevented or remedied this situation. I feel that it is extremely important for mothers to be aware that, in SEVERE situations, there is no amount of exercise that can bring back the lost function of the muscles involved. There is no shame in not being able to “fix” this on your own because in some situations it is just not possible. I interviewed many surgeons before deciding on Dr. Sterry. I chose him for many reasons. The most important reason was his understanding of my struggle. I was in physical pain and had limited core strength. I could not keep up with the physical demands of working and being an active mother. The cosmetic aspect of the surgery was not a priority for me. I just wanted my life back. Dr. Sterry understood that, and he was extremely compassionate and reassuring. He talked me through every inch of the procedure in a way that felt comfortable and geared toward my goals. He understands that each patient is different and this procedure does not mean the same thing for each person. If you are struggling with these same issues and are nervous about taking the step, I would encourage you to see Dr. Sterry. He truly is an amazing surgeon and person. With his help, I have made a full recovery and have my life back.

Business Owner replied on Apr 24, 2023:

Hello, Thank you so much for sharing your story! We are so pleased to hear that you had a good experience.

For years I would avoid close up photos and deleted most. I hated my "turkey" neck! At 76 years old you can well imagine how nervous I was to do surgery. From the moment I entered Dr. Sterry's office his entire staff was warm and welcoming. Dr. Sterry took his time explaining the neck lift procedure. In addition to the neck lift he added a lip lift. brow lift, fat grafting all to rejuvenate me. He responded to all my questions and concerns. Dr. Sterry was transparent about all the above. I knew then I was in "great" hands. I set the date! Approximately 2 weeks after the surgery I began to see the transformation in to a younger version of me. My family and friends were amazed how I looked in such a short time. I am so thrilled with the results. Thank you so much. You are the BEST!

Business Owner replied on Apr 11, 2023:

Hi Judyth, Thank you so much for taking the time to write us a review. We are so happy to hear that you are pleased with your experience and results!

Excellent surgeon and so kind

Business Owner replied on Apr 11, 2023:

Hi Robin, Thank you for your positive review! We appreciate it.

Chin liposuction - better and younger Dr sterry and the team were great. Yes it's costly but I'm not bargain shopping for facial surgery. I want the best. People are shocked when I show before and after pictures. No one could pinpoint why but just that I looked better and younger. Best 7200$ I have spent.

Top Dr. for Tummy Tuck and Revision Cases!! I had my first tummy tuck in Nov 2020 by a Dr. in Westchester, NY. He left me with a long vertical scar (in addition to the normal horizontal scar), an odd looking diamond shape belly button and a protruding belly. My stomach was in worse condition after that tummy tuck than before. I agonized with my ugly, scarred up, protruding belly for almost 2 years. Finally, I set up some consults with several NYC surgeons to see if they could fix my stomach. Could they make my belly button look more normal, get rid of the unsightly vertical scar and finally make my belly flat? All of the doctors I met with told me they could not fully get rid of the vertical scar and they would not touch my belly button. Then, I met Dr. Sterry. He as able to fix all!!! Dr. Sterry was so nice and he takes his time. I never felt rushed with him like I did with the other doctors. Dr. Sterry was the first surgeon I met with that was confident he could get rid of the vertical scar, make my belly button look more normal and tighten up my stomach, and he did! I am now almost 8 weeks post revision tummy tuck with Dr. Sterry and I could not be happier. My stomach is flat and tight and my waist is tiny. My belly button looks perfect. The vertical scar is completely gone. The normal horizontal scar is so thin and low and unnoticeable. I am thrilled with my results. It took me 2 years to find Dr. Sterry. I a so happy I choose him as my surgeon. He is a skilled artist that is patient and cares about the outcome for his patients. If you are considering a tummy tuck or lipo look no further. Choose Dr. Sterry and you will not regret it!

Thank you Dr Sterry and the lovely staff for the smooth and reassuring process. Made sure to follow ethical standards and was very friendly. Great results from buccal fat removal

Business Owner replied on Jan 30, 2023:

Hi Andrew, We are happy you were pleased with your experience. Thank you for your review!

More than a year later, extremely pleased with how my body looks I had an a tummy tuck and liposuction to flanks in October 2021 with Dr Sterry and I can say I highly recommend this doctor and his staff. My personal experience was that I had need of a revision due to disfiguring liposuction I had in 2007. I am (more than a year later) extremely pleased with how my body looks. My scar is nice and narrow, not jagged and is healing well. I think it will be quite invisible someday, as scars often eventually become. The placement is good. The bellybutton is pretty cute and looks real. The liposuction to the flanks makes my body have a nice shape from many angles. To me, getting surgery is a scary idea so I appreciated how this doctor made me feel when we spoke during the consults, before surgery and during aftercare. I always felt like doctor Sterry ( and the support staff and anesthesiologist too!) cared about safety and were super patient with my many moments of anxiety leading up to and following surgery. I really felt taken care of physically and emotionally. I think safety is first but you are also doing a procedure like this to look better and feel good about yourself. This doctor has great skill in achieving beauty and symmetry. He is very professional, competent and confident. I really appreciate everything this doctor did and said and accomplished. Thank you, Dr Sterry. I'm glad I picked you 🙂

Business Owner replied on Feb 8, 2023:

Hi, Thank you so much for your kind review. We really appreciate it!

Already see a huge difference - excited to see the final results I'm not sure where to start! I will update this review with photos once I have my 3-month follow-up photo to show final results. I know pictures are what helped me find Dr. Sterry, so I'll make sure to share mine soon. This is my first experience with cosmetic surgery, but one I've thought about for years. I have always had stubborn fat under my chin, no matter my weight. I wanted a doctor who specialized in chin/neck lipo and excelled in this area, and that's how I found Dr. Sterry(and on this app!!) Dr. Sterry himself was highly impressive, I appreciated his informative approach, and he educates you along the way. He's also a straight shooter; it shows me that he cares about my best interest as his patient. I'm a fan of learning the process and felt like I was in safe and experienced hands; I mean, this is my face, after all!! Dr. Sterry is a very accomplished surgeon, which was clear to me, and he has a beautiful office on Madison Ave in NYC. I walked in there nervous but never once felt intimidated. He had humility, humor, and was down to earth, which I find equally crucial as credentials/experience. The staff, from beginning to end, made this experience easy for me. The communication and follow-up with Alex, from scheduling the consult until the day of surgery, were remarkable. During my procedure today, I had the best nurse, and I don't think I would've felt as calm otherwise if she wasn't there. I hardly ever leave reviews for anything, which is a shame, but I share that to emphasize how happy I am with today, with allowing myself to do this for ME, and with the Dr, I chose because I really, really picked the best! I can already see a huge difference, and I'm excited to see the final results!

Business Owner replied on Jan 23, 2023:

Hello, We really appreciate you taking the time to write us this kind review. We can't wait to see your results!