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Men and women who want natural-looking results from their cosmetic procedures in NYC and surrounding areas benefit from learning about other patients’ experiences. Read plastic surgeon Dr. Thomas P. Sterry’s real patient reviews to learn more about the dedicated care and surgical results he offers his patients.  

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Top Dr. for Tummy Tuck and Revision Cases!! I had my first tummy tuck in Nov 2020 by a Dr. in Westchester, NY. He left me with a long vertical scar (in addition to the normal horizontal scar), an odd looking diamond shape belly button and a protruding belly. My stomach was in worse condition after that tummy tuck than before. I agonized with my ugly, scarred up, protruding belly for almost 2 years. Finally, I set up some consults with several NYC surgeons to see if they could fix my stomach. Could they make my belly button look more normal, get rid of the unsightly vertical scar and finally make my belly flat? All of the doctors I met with told me they could not fully get rid of the vertical scar and they would not touch my belly button. Then, I met Dr. Sterry. He as able to fix all!!! Dr. Sterry was so nice and he takes his time. I never felt rushed with him like I did with the other doctors. Dr. Sterry was the first surgeon I met with that was confident he could get rid of the vertical scar, make my belly button look more normal and tighten up my stomach, and he did! I am now almost 8 weeks post revision tummy tuck with Dr. Sterry and I could not be happier. My stomach is flat and tight and my waist is tiny. My belly button looks perfect. The vertical scar is completely gone. The normal horizontal scar is so thin and low and unnoticeable. I am thrilled with my results. It took me 2 years to find Dr. Sterry. I a so happy I choose him as my surgeon. He is a skilled artist that is patient and cares about the outcome for his patients. If you are considering a tummy tuck or lipo look no further. Choose Dr. Sterry and you will not regret it!

Thank you Dr Sterry and the lovely staff for the smooth and reassuring process. Made sure to follow ethical standards and was very friendly. Great results from buccal fat removal

More than a year later, extremely pleased with how my body looks I had an a tummy tuck and liposuction to flanks in October 2021 with Dr Sterry and I can say I highly recommend this doctor and his staff. My personal experience was that I had need of a revision due to disfiguring liposuction I had in 2007. I am (more than a year later) extremely pleased with how my body looks. My scar is nice and narrow, not jagged and is healing well. I think it will be quite invisible someday, as scars often eventually become. The placement is good. The bellybutton is pretty cute and looks real. The liposuction to the flanks makes my body have a nice shape from many angles. To me, getting surgery is a scary idea so I appreciated how this doctor made me feel when we spoke during the consults, before surgery and during aftercare. I always felt like doctor Sterry ( and the support staff and anesthesiologist too!) cared about safety and were super patient with my many moments of anxiety leading up to and following surgery. I really felt taken care of physically and emotionally. I think safety is first but you are also doing a procedure like this to look better and feel good about yourself. This doctor has great skill in achieving beauty and symmetry. He is very professional, competent and confident. I really appreciate everything this doctor did and said and accomplished. Thank you, Dr Sterry. I'm glad I picked you 🙂

Already see a huge difference - excited to see the final results I'm not sure where to start! I will update this review with photos once I have my 3-month follow-up photo to show final results. I know pictures are what helped me find Dr. Sterry, so I'll make sure to share mine soon. This is my first experience with cosmetic surgery, but one I've thought about for years. I have always had stubborn fat under my chin, no matter my weight. I wanted a doctor who specialized in chin/neck lipo and excelled in this area, and that's how I found Dr. Sterry(and on this app!!) Dr. Sterry himself was highly impressive, I appreciated his informative approach, and he educates you along the way. He's also a straight shooter; it shows me that he cares about my best interest as his patient. I'm a fan of learning the process and felt like I was in safe and experienced hands; I mean, this is my face, after all!! Dr. Sterry is a very accomplished surgeon, which was clear to me, and he has a beautiful office on Madison Ave in NYC. I walked in there nervous but never once felt intimidated. He had humility, humor, and was down to earth, which I find equally crucial as credentials/experience. The staff, from beginning to end, made this experience easy for me. The communication and follow-up with Alex, from scheduling the consult until the day of surgery, were remarkable. During my procedure today, I had the best nurse, and I don't think I would've felt as calm otherwise if she wasn't there. I hardly ever leave reviews for anything, which is a shame, but I share that to emphasize how happy I am with today, with allowing myself to do this for ME, and with the Dr, I chose because I really, really picked the best! I can already see a huge difference, and I'm excited to see the final results!

Business Owner replied on Jan 23, 2023:

Hello, We really appreciate you taking the time to write us this kind review. We can't wait to see your results!

Could not be happier - look even better than I did before 3 kids Dr Sterry is amazing and has changed my life. I'm 8 months post tummy tuck and could not be happier. He is one of the few good guys out there- he doesn't sugar coat things and does what's best for the patient in the long run. The after care I received was next level. He and his staff were available for any and all concerns I had and never made me feel silly for a question throughout the healing process. He takes his time and listens to the patient; never rushes. His staff is warm and welcoming. I never felt alone during the entire process. He is relentless in seeking scar perfection in the post op phase and I appreciate it so much! I look even better than I did before 3 kids!

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Hello, Thank you so much for taking the time to write us this review! We are happy to hear you had a pleasant experience in our office.

Fantastic Doctor! I was so nervous, but from the moment I first walked into he office, everyone was kind and professional. I asked for chin liposuction but he thought I would do better with a slightly more invasive procedure. He somehow did a neck lift operation through one small incision behind my chin. I don't know exactly what he did, but it looks great! Dr. Sterry is a Magician!

Dr. Sterry is a truly amazing person and doctor. This was my first ever procedure I was inquiring for and understandably so I was a bit nervous. I did my research and what I truly wanted to achieve and I found Dr. Sterry. My first consultation ever, was very informative, eye opening, and that’s when I knew I wanted to work with Dr. Sterry. He is transparent in what you are trying to achieve and makes sure you’re comfortable at the same time. A doctor who is unbelievable at his craft. On the day of my procedure, I was a bit nervous, however, Dr. Sterry and his staff were amazing and I’ll forever be grateful for that. He made my first experience so pleasant and I would recommend him a trillion times more.

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Hi Sophie, Thank you so much for your incredible feedback. We are so happy that you had a positive experience and cannot wait for you to see your final results!

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Highly recommend dr.sterry , phenomenal staff as well , Extremely pleased with my results .

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Hello Kathy, Thank you so much for your amazing review! We are happy to hear you are pleased with your results.