Patient Testimonials

*Keep in mind that each patient is unique; your results may vary.

‘He is clearly not just trying to make money but offers honest suggestions.’

“What am amazing and honest doctor! I was advised by other plastic surgeons to undergo face liposuction and other face tightening procedures. When I asked Dr. Sterry if he would perform these procedures, he said I was not a candidate for any such procedures. He is clearly not just trying to make money but offers honest suggestions. I have to say if i decide to do any procedures in the future, Dr. Sterry is who I will trust.”*

—Melanie S.

‘He prepared me for everything that would be expected, even the cons.’

“I’ve been debating for like 2 years to get chin/neck lipo. Reading, comparing prices and seeing what works best. I came across Dr. Sterrys website and after a a few months of going back and forth I decided to move forward with it. I am so happy that I waited, that I didn’t rush into just any doctor. Dr. Sterry, Alex , and Dominique are amazing. I felt so comfortable with how everything was handled. He answered all my questions and his staff is so nice, professional and patient. He prepared me for everything that would be expected, even the cons. I have a few weeks for a full recovery but my experience so far has been nothing but positive. So far my results look amazing, and this is just a few days post op. Thanks Dr. Sterry!! You’re amazing!!”*

—Erick C.

‘Dr Sterry is incredible!’

“Dr Sterry is incredible! He removed a childhood facial scar that I’ve spent countless amounts of money on over the years with other doctors to fix. The scar went from haunting me every time in the mirror to no longer noticeable! I also did cheek and neck liposuction with the Dr that came out amazing. No more moon face! He does an amazing job. His staff is great too!”*

—James L.

‘Absolutely recommend him…’

Best Doctor and staff ever!!! Am 6 weeks post up did tummy tuck and I can say with all confidence Doctor Sterry have a God made hand for his profession! From consultation to surgery day and right into recovery he have been with me as well as his staff!!

Absolutely recommend him in my experience if you feel any type of fear in making this decision, he gives so much confidence….I have no regrets!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️!!*

—Christileen F.

‘I actually have a shape now!’

“Dr. Sterry was great! He completed a lower body lift on me and took 47 pounds off. Apparently it was a record. If I had any problems and called in, I received a call back almost immediately. He even agreed to meet with me on a Saturday when I wasn’t feeling well.

“When I wasn’t feeling right, he took every precaution with me and wouldn’t let me leave until we had answers. My results are amazing and I am very happy with his work. I actually have a shape now! It is great!”*

—Jennifer C

‘During the procedure, he was communicative and reassuring…’

“I only have great things to say about Dr. Sterry and his skills. I had chin lipo performed about 6 weeks ago and from day 3 after the procedure, I was already so much happier and confident. He is an honest and relatable professional, and did not pressure me in any of my consultations with him. During the procedure, he was communicative and reassuring, easing any anxiety I had at the time. Recovery was a breeze for me. Also huge shoutout to his staff as they are lovely! I don’t trust many doctors, but I would definitely go back to Dr. Sterry.”*

—Katherine S.

‘He is a true perfectionist and genuinely cares about his patients.’

“Dr. Sterry and his staff are beyond AMAZING and professional! He is a true perfectionist and genuinely cares about his patients. He performed a “mommy makeover”, two and half weeks later and I am already LOVING it!! If you are contemplating doing it just go for it you wont regret it!!”

—Hericka J.

‘He is a leader in his field and recommend him highly..’

“I had my first Smart Lipo procedure with Dr. Sterry 6 years ago. I was so happy with the results I went back in 2016 for additional work in other areas. This week I had my 4th procedure and still thrilled with Dr. Sterry and his work. He is a leader in his field and recommend him highly (as my multiple procedures demonstrate, I stand behind my recommendation). He is empathetic, has an exceptional rapport with his patients, and an awesome staff (thanks Alex). I would highly recommend him and happy to provide a reference.”*

—Jeff W.

‘I can’t thank them enough for the work they did!’

“Dr. Sterry and his team were the most professional and caring group of medical providers I have ever encountered. From the first consultation to months of follow up after my procedure, I felt like they genuinely took care of me and were easily accessible for any of my needs or questions.

Not only was the service above and beyond but Dr. Sterry exceeded all of my expectations with the outcome of my procedure. I had chin liposuction and the extent to which he reshaped my chin and jawline was unimaginable. I am so grateful that I did research and was able to find the BEST surgeon out there for the job.

I was absolutely terrified of needles and pretty much anything medical but Dr. Sterry and his team were so comforting and understanding that I was able to get through my procedure without any issues or even pain!

I can’t thank them enough for the work they did! Not only were they able to provide me with the jawline I’ve always dreamed of, but also a huge boost in confidence.

As a medical provider myself, I can confidently say: I highly recommend Dr. Sterry. Not only do I recommend him but I couldn’t imagine going anywhere else for any sort of plastic surgery need.”*

—Michelle S.

‘I highly recommend Dr. Sterry and his staff.’

“Dr. Sterry is not only a gem on a personal level but is also a fabulous plastic surgeon. I could not be more pleased with the results of my tummy tuck and look forward to using him again for other procedures in the future.

A bonus is his incredible staff. I could not have gotten better advice, tips and caring from Michelle, Alex and Stephanie.

I highly recommend Dr. Sterry and his staff. I had a wonderful experience.”*

—Roberta G.

*Keep in mind that each patient is unique; your results may vary.