Cheek Liposuction

You may have tried liposuction to eliminate stubborn fat from the abdomen, upper arms, and thighs, but you should know that it also effectively eliminates cheek fat for a contoured look. Once you remove these fat deposits with facial liposuction, the results are permanent. 

If you want to slim your lower face with cheek liposuction in NYC and Manhattan, top board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Thomas Sterry can help you achieve a sculpted and elegant profile. 

Cheek Liposuction
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V-Line Facial Contouring

V-Line Facial Contouring is performed to improve the profile, jawline, and front view of patients with rounded facial features who want a more sleek appearance.  By combining a series of simple procedures such as in this case:
Neck Liposuction
Microcannula Liposuction of the Cheeks
Insertion of a Chin Implant, and
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Cheek Liposuction and Permanent Facial Contouring in NYC

This patient requested chubby cheek reduction as well as a double chin removal.  When she learned about our options, she chose to undergo Permanent Facial Contouring including cheek liposuction, buccal fat removal and chin liposuction - all performed under local anesthesia in our New York City office.While many of my colleagues ar... Read More

Neck/Chin Liposuction

Cheek Liposuction Case #253

Cheek Liposuction Case #254

Chin and Cheek Lipo Facial Sculpting

This 24 yo woman came to my office asking for neck lipo but also wanted to create an overall more slender facial appearance.  She had read online that buccal fat removal might make her age poorly (I actually disagree strongly) so she was afraid to have it done.  I told her that I could do microcannula liposuction on her face and red... Read More

Chubby Face Reduction with Facial Liposuction

This is a 24 year old woman who wanted to have a more slender and elegant look.  She asked me for better definition of her jawline and a reduction of her "chubby cheeks".  I performed Smartlipo liposuction of her neck as well as precise cheek liposuction using a microcannula.  Additionally, I was also able to remove the portion... Read More

Cheek Liposuction Case #250

Keep in mind that each patient is unique and your results may vary.

How Does Cheek Liposuction Work?

First, Dr. Sterry numbs the treatment area with a local anesthetic and creates small incisions in easily concealed areas of the face—usually an incision behind each ear and in the crease under the chin. He then uses an ultra-fine cannula and suction device to carefully remove the fat and sculpt the lower face.  

Your procedure will take around 30 minutes. Be prepared to experience some swelling and bruising around the cheek area for about 7 to 10 days. Pain medicines such as opioids are rarely necessary to keep patients comfortable after this procedure. 

Am I a Good Candidate for Cheek Liposuction? 

You might be a good candidate for cheek liposuction if you meet the following criteria: 

  • Your skin is healthy and elastic 
  • You feel like you have a “round” face or “chubby cheeks” 
  • You are a nonsmoker 
  • You are in good health with no underlying health conditions 

Your skin health plays an important role in your recovery and the results you can expect. If you have lax skin, it may have difficulty contracting to fit your new facial contours. Dr. Sterry will assess your skin elasticity and advise whether you are a good candidate for cheek liposuction. 

Cheek Liposuction vs. Buccal Fat Removal

While both cheek lipo and buccal fat removal contour the cheeks, there are distinct differences.

  • Buccal fat removal surgically removes all or part of the buccal fat pad beneath the cheekbone.
  • Cheek liposuction uses a fine cannula to remove fat from a broader area of the lower face with suction.

Dr. Sterry explains more about these procedures in this blog post.

When Can I See Results From Cheek Liposuction? 

You can expect your leaner, more sculpted profile to start to take shape within 3 to 4 weeks, but you may need to wait about 3 months to see your final results. That’s because residual swelling takes a couple of months to resolve fully. Make sure to follow Dr. Sterry’s recommendations about aftercare so you can get the best results possible. 

Can I Combine Cheek Liposuction With Any Other Cosmetic Procedures? 

When undergoing liposuction of the lower cheeks, Dr. Sterry might recommend more extensive facial contouring by combining your procedure with one or more of the following:

Not everyone is a good candidate for a combination of procedures, but you will have a chance to discuss the options with Dr. Sterry before having any kind of operation. 

Is Facial Liposuction Safe? 

Facial liposuction is safe when done by an experienced and skilled plastic surgeon. Dr. Sterry has pioneered his unique microcannula cheek liposuction technique to provide safe, effective results.  

Choose a Specialist 

You can get the sculpted and contoured profile you have always dreamed of with cheek liposuction. Dr. Sterry and his team will answer all your questions and develop a customized surgical plan to achieve your facial sculpting goals. To see if you are a good candidate for cheek liposuction, request a consultation or call us at (212) 249-4020 to schedule an appointment.