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Breast Lift

Keep in mind that each patient is unique and your results may vary.

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  • Breast Lift

Breast Lift

This 36-year-old woman asked to have her breasts lifted with a mastopexy (breast lift) operation in New York City after losing more than 100 pounds! Of course, she wanted to be "perky," but in addition she also wanted as little scarring as possible. Furthermore, she asked if I would be able to make her areolas smaller because she said they made her look like she had "old lady boobs."

The vertical mastopexy involves an up-and-down incision as well as one that encircles the areola, but it does NOT require a scar across the bottom of the breast. In my opinion, it gives better projection at the level of the nipple but not above (for projection above the nipple, an implant is really required).

In this case, no breast tissue was removed at all. I actually was able to remove the top layer of skin and keep virtually all of her breast volume — I just rearranged it a bit to give her the perkier appearance she was asking for.



Procedures Performed:  

Breast Lift Technique:  
Vertical mastopexy
"Lollipop" incision

Breast Tissue Removed:
Skin only — no breast tissue was removed

General (could easily have been done with sedation only).

Dr. Sterry is proud of his breast lift results. If you live near New York City and are interested in finding out what results are possible for your body, request an appointment by filling out the form on this page or call us at (212) 249-4020.

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