Why Celebrities With Chin Implants Are Going Viral

A girl with dark hair is holding her hand below her chin and smiling. (model)

From Kylie Jenner to Nicole Kidman to Arnold Schwarzenegger, rumors about celebrities with chin implants abound—especially on Instagram and TikTok. But is enhancing your chin and balancing your features for celebs only? Or can anyone become “high profile” with chin augmentation? Puns aside, we’re delving into the popularity of facial contouring with chin implants below.

Before & After Neck Liposuction / Chin Liposuction  Case 46 View #1 View in New York, NY
Chin Implant Before & After by Dr. Sterry in NY
Before & After Neck Liposuction / Chin Liposuction  Case 46 View #2 View in New York, NY
Chin Implant Before & After by Dr. Sterry in NY
Before & After Neck Liposuction / Chin Liposuction  Case 46 View #3 View in New York, NY
Chin Implant Before & After by Dr. Sterry in NY

What are Chin Implants?

Chin augmentation helps you achieve facial harmony by sharpening the jawline’s definition. A chin implant is a sculpted piece of synthetic material, such as silicone, which is surgically inserted beneath the chin and molded around bone for a natural appearance.

A chin implant offers these aesthetic benefits:

  • Improves a weak chin
  • Reduces a double-chin
  • Enhances the jawline
  • Balances facial features
  • Boosts self-confidence

The shapes, sizes, and types of chin implants vary, making chin augmentation a highly customizable procedure whether you’re seeking subtle or dramatic changes.

Your Chin Implant Procedure: What to Expect

Chin implants are typically performed as outpatient procedures using local anesthesia with IV sedation, although some patients may opt for general anesthesia. During the procedure, I make a small, easily concealed incision under the chin or inside the mouth. I then carefully insert the implant and securely position it around the chin bone for a natural look and feel. I close the incision with sutures and bandage the area to support healing.

While every patient varies, recovery from chin implant surgery usually requires about a week of downtime. Most patients experience swelling and tenderness in the lower face, which gradually subsides. You should avoid strenuous exercise for at least 3 weeks as you heal. You can enjoy your initial results a few weeks post-op, with full results seen after roughly 3 months.

The good news is that chin implants can last a lifetime. However, if your aesthetic preferences change, you can remove your chin implant at any time.

Combining a Chin Implant with Other Facial Contouring Procedures

Achieving your “dream chin” may involve combining your chin implant with other complementary procedures, such as rhinoplasty or neck/chin liposuction. Rhinoplasty (nose job surgery) further defines the chin while balancing one of your most prominent facial features, your nose. Neck/chin liposuction typically involves using Smartlipo™ to remove excess fat beneath the chin to refine the jawline and neck. Combining procedures allows you to achieve your ideal look with only one surgery and recovery window.

While a surgical chin implant is the best way to achieve dramatic results, injectable fillers such as KYBELLA® (the “double chin shot”) also help reduce chin fat and sharpen the jawline.

Take the Next Step

While celebrity chin implants are contributing to the procedure’s growth in public acceptance and popularity, chin augmentation is an ideal solution for anyone yearning for a more prominent or balanced profile.

If you’re ready to fulfill your aesthetic vision, I encourage you to arrange a personalized consultation with me today using the online form. Or, contact our office at (212) 249-4020 to schedule an appointment.

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