Non-invasive ways to remove fat

Thomas P. Sterry, MD

There are a couple of new gadgets available today which claim to remove fat from your body while being completely non-invasive. One uses some fancy lights that sort of spin around over your body and is supposed to induce digestion of fat cells. The other one cools the fat cells to the point where they die and your body then cleans them out over the course of a few weeks.
I remain skeptical of any new technology in general. I’m sort of a “prove it to me” kind of guy. Not sure I believe the spinning light idea is going to do anything at all becasue I doubt it can penetrate deep enough to make a difference. However, there may be hope for the fat freezing clan. It may not be for everybody, because you have to sit with this cold vacuum thing for an hour at a time and the results are not immediate. My concern is with the sculpting limitations of the device and technician. As I’ve said many times before, taking fat away is easy, but it’s what gets left behind that gives you a nice shape.
These technologies are worth watching, and I may even bring some of them into the office if they can prove themselves. For now, I’m in “wait and see” mode…

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