Don't all Facelifts look fake?

Thomas P. Sterry, MD

When most people hear the word “facelift” they automatically picture a pulled wind swept face on a middle aged woman.  That’s how the world views a facelift but that couldn’t be any further from the truth.  If done with care, a facelift can bring back a youthful and fresh face without looking “artificial”.  According to Dr. Jugenburg, there are a variety of ways to perform this procedure as medical advancement has allowed for a more natural appearance.  Let’s take a look at the 3 different Facelifts offered.

  1. 1. Full Facelift: Significant amount of facial and neck improvement with results lasting 5-10 years.  This procedure is approximately 3+ hours in length with an incision from the temple to the hairline behind the ear.  Recovery = 10-14 days
  2. 2. Dr. Sterry’s Naturalift(SM):  Trademarked procedure created by Dr. Sterry.  Short incision with most of the improvements obtained from a full facelift.  Results are long lasting, 5-7 years.  Quick procedure and recovery = 2 hours & 6 days respectively
  3. 3. Commerical mini-facelift: One hour procedure performed with local anesthetic.  Incision is made down in front of the side burn finishing behind the earlobe.  Slight improvement but not as long lasting.  Recovery = less than 1 week.

As you can see not all Facelifts are designed the same.  By choosing a member of the American Society of Plastic surgeons, you can be sure to have the latest technique without the tell-tale signs of a Facelift.

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