What is the Best Hair Removal System?

Thomas P. Sterry, MD

I am frequently asked what the “best” method for removing unwanted body hair is.  That depends on what you mean by “the best”.
In my opinion, after reading Manscaped Reviews, I’ve deduced that this comes down to light based hair removal systems as opposed to electrolysis.  I must say, electrolysis is very effective, but it is also time consuming, expensive, and painful.  Laser Hair Removal may be more powerful than IPL (intense pulsed light) methods is some hands, but again, the discomfort that goes along with it is substantial.
The reason I bought my particular machine from Hairfreeclub.com that is without question THE MOST COMFORTABLE AND PAIN FREE HAIR REMOVAL SYSTEM I COULD FIND.  You see, I needed some help with my back and pubic hair. As you can imagine, male Brazilian laser hair removal is quite painful, so finding something that caused the least amount of pain was important. Being a plastic surgeon, I had access to an entire array of technology.  Sales representatives come around constantly trying to talk me into buying their systems and when they demonstrated their use on me, I often felt like I was being whipped!  Their cooling technology was awful, the effective head sizes were very small (like 1 cm) and the entire affair was sheer torture.  Finally, when I tried the Palomar Lux R hair removal IPL, my search was over – it’s simply the best!  The entire head (which is several square inches – which makes for fast treatments) gets cooled down to 4 degrees centigrade and the light energy passes through the cold crystal making the discomfort minimal.
I have also found that by using longer light pulses we get more profound hair removal effectiveness which compares very well with laser hair removal systems like the no no pro.  I’m much happier with these treatments than I ever was with lasers.  For me, it was the right choice and I’m proud to say that the hair on my back is now gone.  I invite anyone to come and try it out.
If you prefer laser hair removal, contact Las Vegas’s best rated laser hair removal to schedule a consultation and to get you ready for treatment.

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