Banish Winter Skin Woes!

Thomas P. Sterry, MD

It’s cold outside!  Old Man winter has arrived and temperatures across the nation are the coldest in recent years.  Is your skin itchy, dry, and tight?  Blustery winds lead to chapping and dryness. It pays to learn more on how one can keep skin ailments at bay. Going inside will not save you, as indoor heating exacerbates the issue.  So what is the solution?  We’ve discussed winter skin protection before but perhaps you need a little reminder.  You can read more about the art of dermatology until the cows come home without doing anything about it, so Here are some quick tips to give your skin some extra TLC today.

  • Lower your water temperature – Oftentimes we seek a hot shower or bath to relieve us from the bitter air.  But hot water strips your skin of essential oils.  Use lukewarm water instead.
  • Moisturize!! – Avoid lotions since most contain alcohols which can dry out the skin.  Stick to creams and oils which trap the moisture in the skin.
  • Look for therapeutic oils – Ingredients such as avocado oil, primrose oil, and borage oil absorb into the skin for longer hydration.

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