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Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Thomas Sterry and the team of skilled professionals at his Manhattan office offer state-of-the-art body contouring with Smartlipo Triplex™ laser liposuction. NYC patients can expect faster healing and tighter, firmer skin than with traditional liposuction alone because of this advanced technology's 3 distinct wavelengths of laser energy. Smartlipo Triplex can be used to sculpt the chest and body, as well as delicate areas such as the neck.

To learn more about your liposuction options in our Manhattan practice, request a consultation with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Sterry or call (212) 249-4020.

Before & After Photos

Individual results may vary.

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NYC Smartlipo of Abdomen Male Before Photo
NYC Smartlipo of Abdomen Male After Photo
Before After

This 36-year-old man was frustrated that nobody could see his abs despite him working out fairly hard. He asked for Smartlipo liposuction at our New York City practice to help showcase his physique. This is also known as "liposculpture." At the time of his initial procedure he was 6...

liposuction of arms before photo
liposuction of arms after photo
Before After

This is a 33-year-old woman who felt cheated by her "fat arms" despite a steady diet and regular exercise program. Her friends, family, and personal trainer all told her that she could "work it off," but after a few years with a flat tummy, slender thighs, and no results on he...

Liposuction of Hips before photo
liposuction of hips after photo
Before After

This is a 39-year-old woman who asked for hip and thigh liposuction using Smartlipo in NYC. Like so many of us, she had been struggling with diet and exercise for years but was never able to get her hips or thighs to be quite as small as she wanted them to be. In this case, we chose to perform...

Lipo 360
Lipo 360 NYC
Before After

Before and after Lipo 360
Lipo 360
Before After

This is one of our younger male patients who wanted a more fit appearance and was asking for liposuction.  We chose to use a technique called "Lipo 360" to address his entire torso circumferentially.  This procedure required sedation due to its aggressive nature - and it reall...

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Get the latest in body sculpting with Smartlipo in New York.

Smartlipo Triplex Benefits

By utilizing 3 distinct wavelengths, this advanced laser-assisted liposuction technology improves traditional liposuction by:

Smartlipo Before & After Photos

Real Smartlipo Patient Before Procedure MaleReal Smartlipo Patient After Procedure Male

This man, age 36, had high-definition liposuction with Smartlipo to better define his abs and reduce his flanks. See more of Dr. Sterry's male liposuction patients in our photo gallery. Your results may vary.

How It Works

Smartlipo is an enhancement to traditional liposuction. With traditional liposuction, a thin tube called a cannula is used to loosen and suction away the fat. Smartlipo utilizes a specialized cannula that contains a laser fiber used to melt the fat so that it is easily suctioned away. In addition to enhancing fat removal, the laser's blended wavelengths coagulate and tighten the tissue and induce collagen production, which lead to smoother skin and a tighter looking body.

Dr. Sterry offers Smartlipo as an enhancement to traditional liposuction. New York patients can expect benefits such as faster healing and tighter skin.

Candidates for Smartlipo

Some people just can't reduce localized areas of fat despite strict diets and religious exercise. We call this "diet resistant fat" because it simply does not go away. Many men and women who want fat removed also have very lax overlying skin. If this sounds familiar, Smartlipo in the skilled hands of Dr. Sterry might be right for you. This liposuction enhancement is especially beneficial for contouring the following areas:

If your main concern is fat under the chin, you may also want to consider KYBELLA® injections as a non-surgical alternative.

Smartlipo Before & After Photos

Patient Before Smartlipo Female ArmPatient Before Smartlipo Female Arm

This woman, age 33, wanted to improve the contours of her arms without ending up with a long scar. Dr. Sterry gave her the toned, athletic look she wanted with Smartlipo of the upper arms. See more of Dr. Sterry's arm liposuction patients in our photo gallery. Your results may vary.

Your Smartlipo Procedure

Dr. Sterry typically performs Smartlipo as an outpatient procedure using local anesthetic. He prepares the targeted areas in the same way as tumescent liposuction. Next, Dr. Sterry uses the Smartlipo laser to liquefy the fat. He then suctions the fat away through the cannula. The laser energy also stimulates collagen production for gradual firming and tightening of the overlying skin after the procedure.

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