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Scar Revision

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Do scars from an accident or a surgery embarrass you or just make you feel bad about your appearance? Do you have scars that refuse to fade away over time? The solution could be scar revision. New York patients come to Dr. Sterry to make their scars less noticeable, and they leave feeling more confident in the way they look. Dr. Sterry will discuss several scar revision treatment methods with you so that you can achieve the look you desire.

Improve Unsightly Scars with Scar Revision Surgery

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Dr. Thomas P. Sterry

After your consultation, Dr. Sterry will determine the best scar revision method for your particular case. Some scars need to be excised and closed again to make them less conspicuous; some need to be re‐oriented to make them blend into the skin better, and others just need skin care treatments such as silicone sheets and silicone gels to help them to heal properly. When Dr. Sterry performs procedures such as a tummy tuck or mommy makeover, he takes great care to ensure the proper healing of incisions to minimize the appearance of scars.

You may also be a good candidate for laser scar revision, which requires treatments every one to three months to diminish redness. Another option is dermabrasion, which shaves the outer layers of the scar and surrounding skin to help it blend in.

If you have a scar that is bothering you, there may be a way to improve it. Scar revision surgery, laser therapy, or a number of other treatments could help. Let New York City Plastic Surgeon Dr. Sterry have a look at it and give you some advice

After scar revision surgery, you can expect to see a more pleasant and natural appearance in the affected area. For many patients, the surgery can be life changing. For patients with noticeable facial scars from an accident, for example, this procedure can completely change the level of confidence they feel.

Scar Revision - Case Study

Every patient is different, but Dr. Sterry often recommends waiting six months before investing in scar revision surgery to see if the scar will fade away naturally. Some patients have found that their scars would obviously not be fading away after as little as three months, though. If you'd like to discuss your options and find out if scar revision is right for you, contact Dr. Sterry's office to schedule a consultation today. He will evaluate your unique situation and determine what the best options are to achieve your goals.

Scar Revision FAQ

What is your approach to treating scars?

My approach to treating scars is really multifaceted.

How long should a patient wait before having a scar treated?

The textbook answer is, ‘at least six months.‘ But I have to confess that I had a patient who was in a car accident on new year's day last year and had a scar on her nose. It was soon obvious that the scar wasn't healing well. I ended up taking her to the operating room after about three months, where I was able to remove a large portion of the scar and reorient other parts of it. Now it's hard to see the scar at all.

What results can you expect from scar revision?

After scar revision, you can expect to see a more pleasing, natural appearance to the area that was injured.

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