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Eyelid Surgery

Keep in mind that each patient is unique and your results may vary.

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  • Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid Surgery

This is a 56-year-old woman who requested facial plastic surgery to freshen up her eyes. She opted for blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) after a consultation in New York City at my office.

Cosmetic eyelid surgery typically involves removal of fat and wrinkled skin to create a more youthful appearance. In this case, I actually performed a full facelift at the same time as the eyelid surgery, but the eyelids alone are featured in these before-and-after photographs. Note the hooding skin that hangs over the top of the eyes in the before photos, as well as the "bags" in the lower eyelids.

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Dr. Thomas P. Sterry

Thomas Sterry, MD, is a board-certified New York City plastic surgeon with over a decade of experience. At his inviting, boutique-style practice in Manhattan, he focuses on each patient's unique needs and aesthetic goals so that he can provide the most attractive and natural-looking outcomes possible.