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Belly Button Surgery Case #166

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belly button died after other surgeon did tummy tuck belly button re-created by Dr. Sterry

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scar where belly button used to be after creation of a new belly button

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  • Belly Button Surgery

Belly Button Surgery Case #166

This is a 40 year old woman who had a tummy tuck done elsewhere and lost her belly button.  That is, it seemed not to survive the operation and she was left with a rather flat scar in the middle of her abdomen.  I encouraged her to return to her original surgeon as I am sure he would want to fix this problem himself.  Most plastic surgeons are proud of their work and truly do want their patients to be happy.  Unfortunately, she had lost faith in him and she asked me to fix things up for her.

I decided to attempt reconstruction using a few different basic plastic surgery "tricks" - nothing too fancy, but they worked out well.  She now has a somewhat natural appearing completely reconstructed belly button (neo-umbilicus).  She tells me that she can now wear a bathing suit or show off her mid-section without feeling self conscious.

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