Male Neck Lift Options

Male Neck Lift Photos

A lot of men want something done about the appearance of their necks. In my office we do a lot of cosmetic surgery for men and I’ve used several options. The trick seems to be to choose the right operation for any given patient. For instance, I do a lot of Smartlipo liposuction on the neck because it truly seems to tighten the neck skin. I have found it possible to enhance the jawline, slenderize a thick neck, and even assist with jowls. Botox treatment for men is on the rise, but should you consider using it to improve your appearance? For many men, it’s simply a matter of improving their self-esteem and regaining lost confidence. In fact, guys in their late 20s and early 30s are using preventative Botox to stave off wrinkles for as long as possible and remain confident in their appearance. Male Botox treatments are becoming very popular in London and across the UK. I have an example here:

male neck liposuction photos

Liposuction of the neck: Male patient in his 40’s who wanted his neck and profile to be improved.

Sometimes, a little suctioning of the fat under the skin is not enough. For a more mature patient with perhaps a neck that has some sagging skin, a more complete neck lift operation may be indicated. This can be done in two basic ways. The first is with an incision behind the ears and into the hairline. The redundant skin and muscle is then pulled up and back in such a way that we can tighten the “sling” around the neck. I have an example demonstrated here:

Male Neck Lift Photos

Male Neck Lift example. This patient had a neck lift performed with incisions behind the ears only

The last option I will mention is called a “Direct Neck Lift” and it can have dramatic results. The advantages are that it is a very powerful technique that can be performed simply, and quickly under local anesthesia in the office. The only drawback is that it creates a scar directly in front of the neck as it is designed to remove the actual hanging skin rather than drawing it back behind the ears. Plastic surgeons typically only offer this operation to men who’s more rugged beard helps to hide the scar somewhat from the public. It has been my experience that The scars heal very well and the few patients whom I have done this for are very happy as can be seen by the next photo. This patient could not stop smiling for the photograph (no kidding!):

Direct Neck Lift for a Male Patient

This patient wore a beard for 25 years before we decided to perform his Direct Neck Lift. Postoperatively, he never did grow it back

That just about wraps up the options for men who want cosmetic neck surgery. The only other option is for a complete facelift which, of course, includes a neck lift procedure. For more on that topic, please visit my website

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