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Tummy Tuck NYC Compares C-Section to Tummy Tuck Case #203

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Tummy Tuck NYC Compares C-Section to Tummy Tuck Case #203

This is a 39 year old mother of two who thought it was time to "reset" her body.  She had been on a very aggressive diet and exercise routine, but was unable to regain the slender figure she had before giving birth.  None of her efforts helped to tighten her belly skin no matter how extreme she lived.
She came to my office looking for help and was hoping that liposuction was her answer.  However, given the extent of her loose tummy skin, I thought lipo was a bad way to go.  It might have only contributed to her poor skin tone.  We chose instead to perform liposuction of the flanks, and to remove the attenuated skin on her abdomen with a tummy tuck procedure.
She agreed to be interviewed on camera about her experience and said, amongst other things, that she had no pain in the first few days after her operation.  That is because I gave her a TAP block - which blocks the nerve endings to the abdomen for a few days after a tummy tuck operation.  I find it changes patient experiences dramatically and helps create a much better postoperative recovery.
One of the more interesting comments she made was that her C-Sections much more difficult to get over than the tummy tuck.  This obviously made my day!
These photographs were taken about 11 months after the operation was done.  Her presentation is dramatically improved, in our opinion.  Whether from the operation or her confidence level, she stands a little straighter and projects a little more pride when we take her pictures.

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