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Thigh Lift

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  • Thigh Lift

Thigh Lift

This is a woman in her 20s who asked for a thigh lift at my New York City practice after having a lower body lift performed by a different plastic surgeon. I performed an inner thigh lift using a bikini line incision, but she was a little bit unsatisified with her result. According to the patient, while she looked good standing, she had a "spread factor" when she sat in a chair such that the circumferential diameter of her thigh skin would spread across the entire chair. We therefore decided to convert her to a vertical incision thigh lift and she finally got her skinny thighs. Of course, the tradeoff is that she now has a scar that runs down the inside of her thighs much like a seam on your pants.

Despite the scarring, she claims to be much happier with her results this way. This is obviously a personal decision, and while I have a bias against it, I do recognize that for some people it is their best chance to wear a skirt in the future. Furthermore, I should mention that the scars typically fade nicely with time.

Patient Age:


Motivation for Thigh Lift:
Excessive weight loss with gastric bypass operation

Anesthesia Used:

2 weeks

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