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Recovery after a Tummy Tuck

No matter what the procedure is, all of my patients need to know how to plan for their recovery. A Tummy Tuck operation (or “abdominoplasty”) is a procedure that removes loose skin from the lower belly and tightens the muscles of the abdomen. The muscle tightening is the tough part – I have never heard a complaint about the skin wound. We don’t actually cut the muscles. In fact, we don’t touch much of the muscle at all because they don’t hold sutures well. It is the covering envelope of each of our muscles called “fascia” that is used to … Continue reading  

Breast Augmentation Decisions – Part I

I can’t help noticing that a lot of women who come to me for breast augmentation in this city wanted larger breasts for a long time before they actually present in the office.  They tell me that they were anxious and had feelings of guilt over wanting to improve their looks and self esteem.  Furthermore, they were confused about who to go to for the operation because everyone claims to be “the best plastic surgeon in New York City”.  In my opinion, there are several things you should consider before having breast augmentation and they include the following: Is your … Continue reading  

What is the Best Hair Removal System?

I am frequently asked what the “best” method for removing unwanted body hair is.  That depends on what you mean by “the best”. In my opinion, after reading these Manscaped Reviews, I’ve deduced that this comes down to light based hair removal systems as opposed to electrolysis.  I must say, electrolysis is very effective, but it is also time consuming, expensive, and painful.  Laser Hair Removal may be more powerful than IPL (intense pulsed light) methods is some hands, but again, the discomfort that goes along with it is substantial. The reason I bought my particular machine from that … Continue reading  

Winter Skin Care: Simple things you can do to look younger

Most people I know are very aware of their skin care regimen in the warm weather, but seem to consider it secondary during the winter time.  I suppose we are all more self conscious during bikini season and tend to let a lot of things go as the weather gets cooler and we cover up more.  Interestingly, skin care seems to go along for the ride. I found the best skin care products from Despite the fact that this is the perfect season to have a photofacial, peel or laser treatment.  Below I have listed a couple of basic tips for maintaining (and oftentimes, … Continue reading  

The Wrinkle about a Cosmetic tax: What is the ‘BoTax’?

Senator Harry Reid has proposed a new tax on cosmetic procedures as a way to help pay for health care reform.  So, when will a procedure be considered cosmetic and therefore taxable?  I will not argue whether it is fair or not to tax my own cosmetic services since no matter what I write, it would be considered disingenuous by cynics.  What I will discuss is just how this “Botax” will be implemented and the unfairness of that process.  Botox was originally created, and is still used for medicinal purposes, so how will we convince a government agency that it is, … Continue reading  

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